1977 Delta 88

1977 was the fourth of four years that Olds served as the official pace car to the Indy 500 during the 1970's - more than any other manufacturer! The car used for the 61st Indy 500 was a 77 Olds Delta 88 Targa Top driven by James Garner. The car featured a unique targa top design that would not be available on the replicas. Bucket seats and console mounted shifter were also unique to the pace car.

Oldsmobile made a limited amount of replicas available for sale. The package cost $914 and was only available on model N37, the Delta 88 Royale coupe.

  • The option code was W44
    W44 included:
    Special Paint Scheme - silver and black with red accent striping Flat black window/door frames, headlamp housings, grilles and door pull inserts and taillight housings.
    Aluminum hood
    L80 403 Rocket V8 engine
    N72 Red Sport Wheels
    QZP Special GR70-15 Silhouette Raised White Letter Tires
    N34 Sport Steering Wheel
    D35 Body color sport mirrors

  • The paint code was 13-13 without the vinyl top, 13-BB with the vinyl top. The vinyl top only came in black and ran from the rear edge of the side 1/4 windows forward.
  • Trim code 45 was the standard bench seat.
  • Trim code 65 was the available split bench seat. All interiors were firethorn red velour.
  • Option W43 was the Pace Car Decal package @ $40 and included 2 door decals and 2 sail panel Indy track decals.

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