Barb Wojtczak's 1976 Cutlass Salon

I ordered the car in April, 1976. It arrived from the factory about 5 weeks later, in May. It has a 350-4bbl, 350 TH transmission, anti-spin differential and all power equipment. The car spent most of its first 7 years of life in the garage because I used public transportation to get to work. When I moved to Arizona in 1983, the car had just under 25,000 miles. Since June 1983 the car has been my sole method of transportation and has accummulated 226,000 miles. It has also been highly fortunate to never have been in an accident. The car is now feeling the effects of middle age and is in need of a lift and tuck procedure - because of a burnt valve and mechanical complaints. Beginning some time in March, 1999, the engine will completely restored and the transmission will be replaced. During this year new carpeting will be installed in the interior and the driver's seat will be reupholstered. The finishing touch will be a new paint job and new tires with raised white letters. More pictures will be added when the enhancements are finished.

11/1/98 - Age: 22-1/2??

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