Landis Odoms' 1994 Ninety Eight Regency

I had been looking for a 98 Regency all over the United States. I did not want a high mileage one. I knew most of the ones in Texas had high mileage. I tried in many different states. They were willing to drive the car here to me in Texas. I finally stopped looking, and a friend of mine asked me had I purchased my car. I said no. So, he said we are going to get you this car. We called every Oldsmobile dealer here in Houston. We found one at Baker Jackson Nissan Oldsmobile. They had just stop selling Oldsmobiles.. Everyone knows why. It was sad. My friend drove me there. There it was in all the glory!!! It was a 1994 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. I really wanted a 1995-1996 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. I wanted the 3800 Series II V6, digital gauges and every option there is. My friend and I called the Oldsmobile service area, and found out that digital gauges are not reliable as the failure rate is very high. They also went on to tell me that that is why fewer new cars use them. It is expensive to repair.

I went on to look at the 98 Regency and drive it. I was scared driving it ! I really liked the way it felt. They ran my credit, and Monday at work I got the call.. They told me we got you approved, and you can come pick up your Oldsmobile. I went to get my insurance, and then I went and got my car and drove it home that night. I was nervous driving it in rush hour traffic, but I was happy! I was driving "Luxury Redefined". It was the most wonderful experience. You can own a Oldsmobile!

My car has a lot of options. It has a cloth interior which I am happy for. The heat here in Texas will crack leather. It has the premimum wheels, and other options found on Regency Elite. The only options I am missing are the cd player, digital gauges, traction control and cornering lamps. I actually do not miss them. The car had 49,495 miles on it when I purchased it. It only has 51,200 miles on it now. I bought it in November of 2000.

I plan on keeping it. I hope maybe one day to purchase a 1992-1993 98 Touring Sedan or 1994-1995 Touring Package 98. I am even considering a 1994-1999 88 LSS or a 1990-1992 Toronado. That will be the second car.

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