Richard Morgan's 1976 Ninety-Eight Regency

The car is a 1976 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency. It has 117,000 miles on it. The first thing I did was replace the rear extensions over the tail lights, which were cracked and in very bad shape after three attempts at repairing them. After a lot of fruitless searching in junkyards, I bought a pair of fiberglass replacements from a company in Texas. While I would have preferred to have OE on there, anything is better than what was there. I had new rear springs, new shocks, new tires, and new brakes installed. I had to have the air conditioner rebuilt four years ago, and I had a top-end rebuild done one year ago. My brother installed a CD player (discretely in the glove box) with four new speakers and a new power antenna. The stock radio still works and it's intact. I also had an alarm installed, with remote locks and remote trunk opener. The only thing that doesn't work right now is the cruise control, which needs to be completely rebuilt.

The car is a sweet ride, and turns heads where ever we go. About once a month, we are asked if it's for sale, and we always say no.

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