Mike & Marlanna Miller's 1951 88


I purchased the car in 1991. my wife and I worked on it for 5 years before we ever got to drive it, it doesn't show on the pics , but when we got it the passenger side was had a crease that ran from the front bumper to the back bumper. We did most all of the work our selves. Marlanna,( my wife) stripped the car to bare metal and I did the body work. This took me several years. I painted the car my self. The paint is 1993 GM bright aqua and white. The original engine and transmission were removed and a chevy 350 engine and transmission were put in. I wanted to try to keep it original but thr cost of repairing the trans was too great for us at the time. The interior I also did my self with a few exceptions it is the same pattern as the stock interior was. the front and rear bumpers were powder coated white, again because of costs, and the fact that there was not a good rechromer in our area. We have had a great time working on the car and have plans to restore two more in the near future. We have already purchased our next projects. a 1956 Buick 4 door and a 1959 Chevy pick-up.


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