Roberto Losole's 1985 Custom Cruiser

I own a 1985 Custom Cruiser ( probably she is the only one in Italy ) It's difficult to find American cars in Italy. My country was not a big deal for GM, Ford and Chrysler. The petrol is about FIVE dollars a gallon, so it's quite impossible to sell cars with V8 engines to Italian people. Another problem is the parking spaces, to park a full size car in Milan you must be lucky: you have to wait for two Fiats to leave together.... Also spare parts are a problem, GM in Italy sells only Opel, so if you go to an Italian GM dealer asking for Oldsmobile parts they can't help you. I live near Switzerland border so I can find there some mechanical parts, but for the body America is the only answer.

I love so much cars with wood sides.... so when I saw the Olds I knew that I must buy it!!! I bought my Cruiser from a dealer in Turin, the car came from Netherlands, where it was imported in 1988 from USA. It has 307 V8 engine and has 8 passenger seats.

The car has 86000 miles on odometer and it runs quite good... I had some troubles with the real tailgate...and with the hood latch. Probably my Custom Cruiser is the only one in Italy with a petrol engine, I know about two other cars in my town but both have a diesel engine.

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