Chris Green's 1972 98 Regency

Purchased in Spring 2000 from the family of the original owner in Minnesota, and shipped to Southern California where I live. The car only has 44,000 miles. I wanted a 1972-76 Regency and was surprised that the nicest one I found was also the most rare (only 2650 made)! I have had the car repainted because there was some fading and parking dents.

The nicest thing about the car is that the interior is complete and almost flawless, as found, with the original black velour Regency trim. The top is also original. And yes, the car has its Tiffany-styled clock in the dash. Options on this 98 include: power door locks, power trunk release, cruise control, manual air conditioning (not Comfortron), remote left hand mirror, 6-way power driver's seat, AM radio, tilt and telescope wheel. The car doesn't have a right hand mirror, Nite Watch, or rear defogger. The only thing I would like to add to the car is the AM/FM 8-track deck and additional speakers. The car was built in Lansing in May 1972 and they took delivery in July 1972. All the options work, including the cruise, and it drives like a dream on the freeway! I just LOVE this car!

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