Frank Alfter's 1973 Cutlass S

These pictures are from about four years ago, before the car was mothballed (big American cars don't fit too well on tiny European roads). It'll be brought out of storage and made operational again within the next two months. I think Dad mentioned at some point that long-term plans for the car include a complete overhaul--engine, transmission, body...everything. It was in like-new condition (except for an A/C leak) when it went into storage and should be in the same condition when it comes out. The object is to keep it in that condition forever, as that's how long he plans to keep it.

It's equipped with a Rocket 350 motor and TH350 tranny, probably the most popular combination for these cars. Both are original to this car (the tranny was overhauled back in '83 or so). It was repainted and reupholstered in the early 80s in colors and materials similar to the originals. The star above the Olds logo on the trunk lid was, if I remember right, one of two marks placed by Suttle Oldsmobile of Newport News, VA, where the car was purchased in July 1973. (There was also a "Suttle" nameplate at one time on the left side of the lid, but it was removed for repainting and I don't think it was ever reattached.)

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