Joe Decker's 1971 Cutlass

This is my 1971 Olds Cutlass that I had bought back in 1990. When I bought this car it didn't have an engine or much of an interior. I paid $300 for it and over the years completed a body off restoration on it. It was an original 350 car(my original plan was to put a built 350 chevy engine that was on an engine stand in my garage waiting for a home) but a friend convinced me that the only way to go was a 455 for it. So I sold the 350 chevy and purchased a whole 71 Olds 98 as a donor car. Alot of the 98 went into this car(engine,underhood harness etc).For those who may notice..the front clip was from a 1972 Cutlass that was totally rust free, where mine was in kinda bad shape.

I'd redone the whole interior in black & white. Seat's were recliner's from a Chevy S-10 and I converted the car from a column shift over to a floor shift using an original console and shifter.

Once the 455 was in place I couldn't settle for less than a built TH350 tranny and a posi rear-end for it. At the time I was living in a small town in central Fl. and there was nothing better than pulling up at a red light next to some young kid in his mom & dad bought Mustang and just "put him in his place"

Alas, due to much needed money to fund my move to NC, I had to sell my 'Lady In Red' and we had to part ways. But I know thats she's out there, letting Ford's see what they should..taillights...

If anyone see's her...Look for the glass etching on the rear window.."This Aint's your Father's Olds"..(from the old time Oldsmobile Commercials)

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