Scott Buehler's 1972 442 convertible

After a year of searching the internet I found this 1972 442 Convertible, and I'm in heaven. As a kid I remember Dad having a '72 F-85 that ran like a champ. I've been determined to have an Olds ever since. The original owner had it until '96. It was found by the folks whom I bought it from in the back of a car dealership.

The second owners replaced the original Rocket 350 with a Rocket 455, installed a 2" exhaust, 3.08/12 bolt posi rear-end, rallye steering wheel, tic-toc-tac that works perfectly and lots of little things. I bought it 6/9/2000 and, much to my dismay, haven't driven it nearly enough. If my 3 year old is a good boy, I might let him take it to his senior prom. We'll see.......

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