Brian Alling's 1977 Delta 88 Indy Pace Car

These are the photo's of my '77 Olds Delta 88 Indy Pace Car on the campus of Texas Tech University. I bought 'Indy' off the original owner 6 months ago with 125,000 miles on it. It came with owner's manual, CB radio, window sticker and all repair and maintenance records - all original and good condition. Aside from a replaced vinyl top and a paint job 10 years ago (a close but not exact to specs paint & pin-striping job), all other components are original and very good condition. The Indy was stored for about 10 years driven occasionally and only recently began to be driven on highway commutes before selling her to me. I drive it about 10 miles a day max to and from work and am currently redoing the shocks, bushings, tie rods and of course new wheels. Next in line is a rework of the AC compressor and lines (keeping the R system). Indy, as my 4yr old boy calls her, is his favorite ride to the store and we hope to baby her for many years to come... if anyone has Indy 'wings' or decals I am interested in them.

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