1996 Cutlass Supreme SL

This is my 1996 Cutlass Supreme coupe. I bought it in the spring of 1999 through an Olds dealer, who had bought it specifically for me from a GM auction, after a long search for a low mileage coupe with the bench seat option. It's Dark Teal Metallic with a light beige cloth interior. The color was a bit of a compromise when I bought it. I really wanted a blue or beige one, as the teal/green ones seemed far too common at the time. I've grown to appreciate it more over time as the color has fallen out of favor with new car buyers and Cutlass Supremes become a rarer sight in any color. Mine is a Series II model, which is the lower of the two middle trims that were available with the bench seat for '96, and also includes keyless entry and the 16" wheels and tires. By now, you're probably wondering what the big deal about the bench seat is. Bench seats have always been my favorite for looks and interior openness, as well as for the column shifter. To me, it's a more versatile setup than the standard buckets. Apparently I am in the minority for having those feelings, as only 3845 (or approx 13%) of the '96 coupes were ordered with it. Only 310 were in the same color combination as mine, making it all the more special to me. I haven't done alot to modify my car in the time I have owned it. The standardblackwall tires have been replaced with yellow-lettered Goodyear Eagle #1 NASCAR tires and also upped the size from 215/60R16 to 225/60R16. I had been searching for white letter tires (I had painted the letters on my old tires white with a tire lettering marker). I decided on the yellow ones and am happy with my decision. I still get some random compliments on them, and inquiries as to where I got them. I've also replaced the cassette only radio with the factory CD/cassette unit, which I prefer over aftermarket for looks. I didn't originally intend on keeping this car for so long, but I haven't been able to find any new cars that appeal to me the way this one does. Even after six years, I still find myself looking back at my car in a parking lot and thinking how good it looks.


See more photos of my Cutlass. Updated with additional pictures (02/18/02).

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