Curved Dash Olds

Oldsmobile introduced the Curved Dash Olds in 1901. The car was named for the unique shape of the foot board. R.E. Olds built 425 for 1901 making them the first "mass produced" gasoline engine autos in the world. The Curved Dash went on to become the most popular car of the period. All Curved Dash models featured tiller steering and a seatside crank for starting. The cars were powered by a single cylinder 4.5 bhp engine. The 95.4 cubic inch engine turned at 500 rpm and was said to emit one chug per telegraph pole. Initial cost was $650. The cars were typically delivered to the proud owner by train, often with a sales representitive onboard to present it personally.
Due to a 1901 fire at the factory, the curved dash was Oldsmobile's only model for 1902. Out of desperation, this caused R. E. Olds to create the supplier/subcontractor system which remains in use today. Output was signifigantly greater at an estimated 2500 units. For 1903 there were an estimated 4000 built, more than any other american manufacturer. One of them was driven coast to coast in 73 days. 1904 saw changes to the engine. A larger bore brought engine output up to a 7 horsepower total. The Curved Dash continued its production relitively unchanged until the last one rolled off the production line in 1907. By that Time R. E. Olds had relinquished control of the company to form REO Motor Car Company. Oldsmobile, which was in severe financial trouble, would sellout to General Motors the following year.

Passenger Capacity2
Luggage Capacity0
Wheelbase66 inches
Tread55 inches
FrameAngle Steel
SpringsOldsmobile Side Springs
Wheels28 inch wood artillery
Tires3 inch detachable
Motor5x6 inch 7hp horizontal
TransmissionAll spur gear, two speeds forward and reverse
RadiatorCopper Disk
Ignition JumpSpark
Steering GearTiller
DifferentialBevel Gear Type
BrakesDifferential and Rear Wheel
Water Capacity5 Gallons
CirculationGear Pump
Gas Capacity5 Gallons

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