2000 Profile

The Profile concept made its debut at the Los Angeles auto show in January 2000. Looking very much like a station wagon, it was the most carlike of GMs 2000 concepts. The goal was to provide the practical features of a sport utility with the ride and handleing capabilities and interior refinement of a sport sedan. The rear doors slid open like on a minivan to reveal the roomy five-passenger interior, and there was a rear hatch to access the cargo area. Innovative rear seat adjustability allowed for rear seat legroom to be up to 43 inches, more than many large luxury cars. Profile was powered by a supercharged version of the 3.5 V6 with power upped to 250 bhp at 5500 rpm with torque increased to 260 lb. ft of torque at 4400 rpm. The automatic transmission was coupled with all-wheel drive and traction control for superior traction in inclement weather. The gear selector was a dash mounted rotary knob, which lead to a more open interior feel and frees up the console for storage. For a more driver-oriented experience, the transmission could be shifted manually by using the steering wheel mounted buttons. A "Smart Card" keyless ignition system performed all personal driver adjustments including seat, radio, mirror and steering wheel when activated by the driver. Through voice activiation, the Internet, phone and vehicle data could be easily obtained without the driver's eyes ever leaving the road. Individual entertainment connections provided include a DVD player and headrest display for rear seat passengers.

More Photos:
side view
front 7/8 view
artist's rendering (exterior)
artist's rendering (interior)

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