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-----Selecting the right mid-size model from the myriad of offerings is far more
complicated than it has to be. Will that be import or domestic? Four cylinders of V6?
Manual or automatic transmission? Optional this or extra cost that?
----- Oldsmobile has done its share to streamline the process by standardizing
Cutlass Supreme sedans and coupes with the equipment that most customers prefer at
a very attractive price
-----A smooth, efficient V6 engine and automatic transmission are part of the
package, along with dual airbags, four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and
air conditioning
-----The only picking and choosing the customer will find necessary is between four
equipment levels plus those items desired from a short options list

Two Edged Sword

-----Coupe and sedan bodystyles give the Cutlass Supreme sporty flair or family-
oriented functionality. In either case, well contoured bucket seats, a full array of
instrumentation and shrewdly tuned steering and suspension hardware add a fun-to-
drive dimension that many bloodless mid-size models on the market
cannot match.